A Brief Overview of Our Venture


Rachel Withington

Rachel, owner and founder of Hudson Geographic, is a California native, transplanted to Cornwall, New York. She fell in love with the Hudson Valley region at first sight. When hiking Storm King Mountain for the first time and saw the valley spread out before her, she knew she had come home. Rachel received her education at San Francisco State University with a BA in Physical Geography and Environmental Studies and a JD from Vermont Law School. Practiced law for private clients in Connecticut, admitted also in New York and New Hampshire. She retired from law practice in 2015 to focus on her young family but held on to the dream of founding her own company to merge her love of the environment and geography with her wealth of professional experience with individuals, business, finance and government. When not crunching numbers and working with clients, Rachel is busy enjoying the natural beauty of the Hudson Valley with William, their dogs and two kids.

William Withington

William is a founding member of Hudson Geographic with more than two decades of experience working with GIS and all things geographic. A New York native, he first developed a passion for data technologies as a Geography graduate student at San Francisco State University where he was introduced to Geographic Information Systems. While in his program he worked in the field collecting water quality and species data for the State of California San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board and georeferenced historic species data for the California Academy of Sciences natural history museum. Since, he has worked as a data analyst and with municipalities on all manner of projects including traffic modeling, asset management software solutions, and stormwater mapping and management. A self-described optimistic realist, William excels at improving workflows, making data more effective, and finding creative ways to achieve client needs. When not working, William enjoys exploring the history and landscape of the lower Hudson Valley with Rachel and their two kids.

Hudson Geographic

Unlocking the Power of Where. We are bombarded by information around us at all times. How to begin to make sense of it all seems insurmountable until you find the support, tools and creativity to unlock the power of geographic information. Our clients are our priority and helping them realize the potential of Unlocking the Power of Where.

Hudson Geographic was founded to provide geographic information services to local businesses, municipalities and non-profits. Located in Cornwall, New York, in the Hudson River Valley, we heard time and again from friends and colleagues that geographic information service needs were not being met due to business scale and lack of experience with geographic information systems standard in the industry. As a woman-owned business, Hudson Geographic merges Rachel’s years of experience and education working with government, individuals, non-profits and businesses with William’s over 20 years of experience working in the geographic information services field.